Our customers are the key to our success and we want to be the reason for their success. This requires engagement in all projects we take up with our customers.

    For this reason, we offer a dedicated involvement in all projects we take up with our customers where we share our best experience and practice to give the best value to our customers.

    Below are a few of our customer cases we would like to share with you as an inspiration.



    Creating long-term solutions to secure the highest level of patient safety on injection devices is achieved by a dedicated engagement and a constructive cooperation between Novo Nordisk and AH Metal Solutions.

    From a very early and proactive involvement in the development phases, we have continuously contributed to the design and process definitions of health care critical components to our customer. Our technical expertise, solution oriented approach and fast turnaround from prototypes to production batches is the key to a successful supply chain with optimized processes, specification and costs.

    Adapting to our customers’ needs and requirements is an essential capacity of AH Metal Solutions to maintain the position as preferred supplier.

    We take great pride in doing this for and together with Novo Nordisk.



    AH Metal Solutions has been supplying precision stamping component to one of the worlds leading manufacturer of Hearing Aids, Oticon, for over two decades. During this time, AH Metal Solutions A/S has gone from being a valued supplier of highly complex components to a full-scale logistic supplier – by taking over the metal stamping production set-up from the customer. By successfully adapting and incorporating a large quantity of production tools and processes into the AH production platform, a significant optimization was achieved.

    Since then, AH Metal Solutions A/S has been working in a very close relation with Oticon on the supply of precision metal components. Together, we still challenge geometries, tolerances and functionality on new projects – continuously expanding the logistical supply service.



    Being a leading supplier of Studs for ECG electrodes commits in terms of capability and optimization.

    Together with our valued customers, we keep on developing and improving components and parts. Even when a component perceived as a standard commodity part, the possibilities for creating an even better and optimized solution are pursued.

    As in the case of the company Leonard Lang, a global leading supplier of ECG Electrodes, where the design and functionality of the standard ECG stud was reviewed to meet new specific requirements and demand. This was further combined with a common ambition for cost optimization.

    After mutually defining the terms and targets, a new mass production tool and process was made and established – not only meeting the modified design and functionality requirements but also achieving a cost saving of more than 20%. This was achieved within a short period and in a very productive cooperation, enabling a fast and successful implementation and ramp-up at Leonard Lang with immediate and obvious improvement and cost savings.



    From the supply of the very first prototypes of deep drawn stainless steel Keycaps for payment devices and ATM’s, Cryptera and AH Metal Solutions A/S have managed to build up a committed partnership with emphasis on securing supply and quality.

    For a product where design, quality, handling and uniformness are essential to the demanding market of payment devices, the need for an innovative and unique production processes were inevitable.

    This initiated a mutual engagement and investment partnership, where the outcome has proven beneficial and exceptionally sustainable – securing extraordinary supply and quality achievements.

    Today, the production of the keycaps takes place on custom made, fully automated in-line stamping and assembly production lines deigned and made by AH Metal Solutions A/S. These sophisticated lines are continuously being improved and developed to maintain and secure the high supply level to Cryptera.

    AH Metal Solutions A/S is today among the top rated suppliers of Cryptera.



    For more than 30 years AH Metal Solutions A/S has been supplying components for ECG electrodes to AMBU.  There is a reason for this.

    Since the very beginning of the production of disposable ECG electrodes in Denmark and until today where AMBU is the leading global player on the market for ECG electrodes, AH has constantly been supporting, supplying and developing the metal components for the ECG Electrode production with focus on constantly securing quality, supply and competiveness.

    A constant emphasis and ambition for optimization and improvement has always been a mutual agenda between AH and AMBU and is the main reason for the long and reliable partnership.



    The cooperation between LEDPROOF and AH Metal Solutions A/S was originally initiated to supply metal components for a LED light unit to their lighting solutions. However, as the involvement increased it became obvious for AH to take ownership of the design of the complete LED Light unit, with a long term production perspective in mind.

    The AH engineer team created and designed a complete unique and simple product design to fit LEDPROOFS lighting system – and a dedicated production line that secures a quality assembly and high productivity.

    The complete product design and production set-up by AH Metal Solutions A/S has secured LEDPROOF’s basis for developing their business on a fast growing market of LED Lighting.